Is Creating an Open Plan Kitchen Right for you?


Over the last decade, the kitchen has emerged as the heartbeat of the modern home. This is reflected in a wide number of popular design trends, with the use of the typical kitchen as a popular entertainment center arguably the most prominent.

Another prominent trend is the development of an open plan kitchen, which helps to create the illusion of space in any home and develops a more welcoming ambience. This is not suitable for every space, however, and you must think carefully before deciding to remodel your kitchen.

Appraising the Open Plan Kitchen: Is this Right for you?

While the benefits of creating an open-plan kitchen are well-versed, the potential disadvantages are less renowned. To begin with, the development of an open plan kitchen often requires quite complex structural work, particularly if you need to remove or relocate electrical wiring and sockets. The cost can therefore be prohibitive; as such skilled workmanship requires the attention of experienced builders and qualified tradesmen.

The cost of redecorating and finishing an open space can also be prohibitive, as previous fixtures and surfaces will need to be replaced to complete the aesthetic. This is also a modification that does not translate into a definite ROI, as there is little evidence to suggest that creating open plan spaces add value to a property. In this respect, creating an open plan kitchen can be considered as an expensive risk that offers little in the way of tangible value to the layout of your home.

Considering the more Cost-effective Alternatives

Interestingly, innovation may have led to the development of more cost-effective alternatives to an open plan kitchen. This is especially true in relation to space, as the advancement of stylish, fifth generation LED lighting has enabled home-owners to install variable shades and angles of illumination in their property. These affordable fittings are not only inexpensive to maintain, but they also create the illusion of space in compact properties.

With these factors in mind, investing in an open plan kitchen may not be the most sensible or cost-effective option. It is certainly one that requires a great deal of consideration, both in terms of cost and your future plans. Those planning to sell their home should definitely not invest in an open plan kitchen, for example, as this will not trigger a viable ROI. Home-owners in search of more physical space and a more expansive feel may be more inclined to create an open plan kitchen, however, especially if alternatives such as LED lighting prove insufficient.