Is A Bread Machine a Great Investment For Your Kitchen?


No matter how much you’re cooking in your kitchen, certain tools will help you gain access to more convenience and efficiency. For some it’s the microwave, for others it’s a good cutting device or a unique bread slicer. Then there are those that are looking at things a bit differently, and will factor in whether or not a bread machine is a great investment for the kitchen. This may not sound like something you think about at first glance, but when you break down the cost of a good loaf of bread, you’ll see that this may be a great thing to include in your tool kit for maximum culinary glory.

The Cost of Buying Bread

Some people will immediately discuss the lowest cost possible. Yes, there are 99 cent loafs at the grocery store, but before you go to the lowest priced solution, consider the ingredients for a moment. The ingredient list on these items can be seriously flawed. By the time you finish reading the paragraph of things in the loaf, you will realize that it can no longer truly be called bread. It is a piece of cake if anything else, and it’s inexpensive, yes. However, if you were to go with something that was more nutritious, and full of nutrients, the cost would inflate and you’d see that it’s not inexpensive to eat healthy at times.

The Machine Versus Store Bought

Fresh made bread tastes amazing. There’s not many people that will argue against that notion. Some may want to state that, but most often, you’ll find that the costs associated with making your own is less and the taste is astronomical by comparison. There’s nothing quite like a slice of warm, fresh baked bread and that’s where the machine comes into play. Store bought solutions are baked weeks away and are delivered to the store. Even the freshest option you can buy in the stores today, have traveled a great distance to get there, and by the time you have a taste, it’s long gone from being the freshest.

Is It Worth It?

It’s easy to highlight freshly baked solutions as better, but in the end, it’s important to understand that it becomes a matter of whether or not you’re going to use it. Some people will be quick to say that they will, but be honest. If you’re honest with yourself and you consider the space and time it takes to use these machines, you’ll answer the question. If it’s a matter of cost and taste, there’s no better solution than having a homemade machine. However, if you’re not keen on using it at all or you know that you’ll neglect it, things may not look so grand overall.

Having a definitive answer to the initial question is hard. However, one taste and you may very well be hooked on the fresh taste of bread that comes from these unique machines. Whether you want a single loaf or something larger, you’ll find that the machine can really make life splendid when it comes to eating baked goods.